I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 8

Chapter 8

TL: Rotmagier
Edited by: pnemnn

「Don’t fuck around!!!!! 」

I unintentionally screamed out loud.

「If you’re not going to summon them, then I will!! You should just stay here looking at Gian nii-sama uselessly, unable to do anything!! 」

Me? planning to hurt Gian nii-sama?

Like I would do something like that! He didn’t even know how well Gian nii-sama and I usually got along! It was extremely frustrating that I was denied my love for Gian nii-sama just because I was my mother’s child.

But reality was pressing. I realized that it took too much time for this young body to call on Maria and Cyril-shishou who were at the entrance of the garden.

There was also the distance to consider, my voice would surely be unable to reach them amongst the trees and cries of the birds.

Then what should I do?

I racked my brains desperately, trying to think of a solution.

In any case, once Cyril-shishou figures out something was wrong, he would definitely come running.

Fireworks was the very first thing that came to mind when I thought of something conspicuous.

It would create a loud noise and release flowers made of fire in the sky.

I learnt about the existence of magic when Cyril-shishou taught me about the Maden.

I was interested in magic, so I pestered him about it and he finally taught me about its principles.

Fortunately, I had a talent for magic so I could easily use it.

I just have to warm and cool “that” so it should be simple enough.

Could I use that?

No… I have no choice but to do it for Gian nii-sama.

I visualized the image in my head and materialized it.

The figure was made of a transparent sphere.

I picked up some crystal flowers and stuffed them in. I then filled the sphere with water that was harnessed from the air’s moisture. 

I materialized another sphere and placed the water and crystal flowers inside it.

In order to make it stand out, I threw it into the air.

Of course, with a child’s strength I could only throw it a few meters high at best.

That was why I applied weakening magic. It was mainly used to lower an opponent’s strength and defence, but I compromised and changed the level of gravity to affect the sphere’s momentum.

「There we go!」

It worked better than I expected, and the sphere shot steadily into the air.

At the same time, the temperature of the exterior of the magical sphere rose quickly.

When the sphere rose high enough in the sky to a position where it could be seen from anywhere, the sphere filled with water would disappear.


Then, the magical sphere exploded with a huge bang and the crystal flowers inside shattered in the air.

The shards which have become practically powder fluttered around, shining in the sunlight.

This was what we called a steam explosion.

When water touches an object heated to a high temperature and the water suddenly becomes steam, the pressure would rise rapidly and an explosion would occur.

Giovanni and Gian nii-sama looked up at the sky with wide round eyes at the sound of the explosion.

I then once again harnessed the water in the air and created a makeshift umbrella with my mind to protect my brothers in the instance that the crystal fragments would land on and hurt them.

「Your Highness, Raymond!! Your Highness, Giancarlos!!!! 」

Within a few moments, Cyril-shishou appeared like a ninja and ran through the woods to our side.

「Cyril-shishou, Gian nii-sama is urf… 」

Cyril-shishou, who came running, used his momentum to tackle into me, shielding Gian nii-sama and Giovanni nii-sama behind his back. 

「Arg! How careless of me, I couldn’t even recognize that a skilled user snuck into the garden! 」

「Cy..Cyril-shishou? 」

「Your Highness Raymond. Please be patient and stay in my arms. Damn! I can’t sense the presence of the enemy! 」

Cyril-shishou who had his eyes wide open in vigilance was not a simple gentleman, but a wild beast who lived in the wilderness. A true warrior.

I found another charming side of Cyril-shishou.

No, no. I don’t have the time for that now.


「Ugu!? Your Highness!? 」

Whilst being held down by Cyril-shishou, I wrapped my hands around his face and pulled it down to meet mine.

Cyril-shishou was so surprised that I could even see the whites of his eyes but now I finally have his attention.

「I am responsible for that explosion!! Rather than that, please help Gian nii-sama! 」

「Huh, Your Highness Raymond did……!? Is that true!? 」

「Yes! But rather than that! Gian nii-sama!! 」

When I pointed my finger towards Gian nii-sama who was shielded behind Cyril-shishou, he immediately noticed Gian nii-sama’s distorted complexion and immediately contacted someone through the Maden.

「It’s Cyril Nyarucos. I am in the southern garden and I have protected His Highnesses, Giancarlos, Giovanni, and Raymond. His Highness Giancarlos is in bad condition.Immediately arrange for a doctor. Your Highness Giovanni, can you walk on your own? We should leave this place immediately. 」

「Ah, err..ah. I can walk. 」

「I can also walk! 」

「I will carry you, Your Highness Raymond. You are still too young. 」

Cyril-shishou proceeded to carry both me and Gian nii-sama, striding quickly towards the Royal Palace.

Of course, he did not forget to check on Giovanni nii-sama following behind.

I was able to discover many charming sides of my master today.

Thank you for the feast. (He was giving thanks for being able to see different rare sides of Cyril)

I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 7

Chapter 7

TL: Rotmagier
Edited by: pnemnn

While walking, I stepped on a field of crystal flowers. As the flowers made a crisp sound before shattering, it gave me a strange feeling; its crystal fragments once again rising up to face the sky. My breath was momentarily taken away by the fantastic sight.

「Does Ray like the Antalos? 」

Gian nii-sama asked me that.

Of course, I do.

「These were the very first things that Gian nii-sama has given me, so I love them. 」

That’s right, when I first met Gian nii-sama in this garden, he gave me a Red Antalos flower.
At the same time as when the flower withers, it shatters from the tip of the flower petals and finally it turns into a shimmering crystal flower.
Even until now, I still treasure the crystal flower pieces that I received from Gian nii-sama.

「Ray, you still remember what happened when you were a baby? 」

I was afraid that Gian nii-sama would be weirded out by the fact that I remember events from when I was a baby, but he had a huge smile on his face.

「Fufu! I’m so happy. In that case Ray, do you remember what else I said then? 」

「……erm, was it about giving something to me? 」

I could not betray Gian nii-sama who was waiting excitedly to hear my answer. He then broke out into a big smile.

「Ray, come with me! 」

While giggling excitedly, Gian nii-sama took my hand and led me into the central part of the southern garden.
There was a huge glowing tree at the center.
I wonder if the diameter of the tree reached three meters? There were several smaller and thinner branches that intertwined to form a thick trunk.
The roots of the tree dug deeply into the ground, sucking up water for nourishment.
As the water passed through its trunks, the clear liquid glimmered faintly under the tree’s exterior.
The light from the water rose upwards, pulsing like blood flowing through its veins, spreading outwards from the tree trunk into the branches and leaves.
The tree’s brilliance was stronger in areas rich in water and was conversely dimmer in areas with lesser water.
It was truly majestic and my eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to it.

「Ray, over here. 」

Maybe it was because of his elven blood, but Gian nii-sama felt very familiar with the scenery here.
It seemed that he would melt away with the light, so I gripped his hand tightly.
Led by the gently smiling Gian nii-sama, we entered a gazebo, but it seemed that there was already someone there.

「I thought you were being somewhat secretive behind my back… So you were planning on meeting with this guy?」

「Jo..John!? Why are you here?! 」

The one who was drinking tea in the gazebo was a boy who closely resembled Gian nii-sama.
He was probably the other son of Sophia-sama; one of my brothers, Giovanni.
His fiery red hair resembled Father’s.
The blue eyes that stared coldly at my direction were probably inherited from Sophia-sama.

「Humph. You are the youngest, yet you want to be the Crown Prince? Know your place. 」

「John!! 」

Giovanni nii-sama stared at me with scornful eyes.
Gian nii-sama hugged me to protect me from his hurtful gaze.

「That’s just what Maya-sama says, Ray has nothing to do with it. 」

「Is there any way to prove that? How do you know he doesn’t really want to be the Crown Prince? 」

「That is…erm…but! The Ray I know is not like that! 」

The strength of the arms that shielded me became stronger.

「Hah! He might just be using you. He’s the son of Maya-sama you know. 」

「Ray will not do that! He is my brother! 」

「Let me say something, you are also my brother! 」

「Ray is also John’s brother, you know? 」

「That may be so, but he is just a stranger related to me by blood. The one I care for is you, Gian. 」

I could tell from his words and expression how much Giovanni nii-sama treasured his younger brother. While I was happy Gian nii-sama was protecting me, I would hate it if their relationship became worse because of me.

「Gian nii-sama…」

「Ray, you’re not in the wrong! I will protec… cough cough! 」

I was trying to tell Gian nii-sama that it was alright but he suddenly got too worked up that he started coughing.

「Gian…!! This is all your fault! Stop making Gian push himself. 」


Bam! Giovanni nii-sama pushed me aside and I fell to the ground.
I thought about doing something but Giovanni nii-sama’s voice trembled as he gazed at Gian.

「Always…always! It’s because you are around Gian that he’s always pushing himself. 」

If I was not wrong, Giovanni nii-sama was 14 this year.
When you think of 14, that would be the age of middle schoolers in Japan. He was still a child.
I could painfully understand Giovanni nii-sama’s feelings that called out to his younger brother.
Of course, to Giovanni nii-sama, Gian nii-sama was his closest brother.
Furthermore, as the older brother, I think his desire to protect Gian nii-sama was even stronger.
In actual fact, the one who stayed by Gian nii-sama’s side protecting him as he was stuck inside due to poor health was Giovanni nii-sama.

「Gian! Gian! Are you okay? Where does it hurt? 」

「Cough! Cough!!」

I understood that he was flustered by Gian nii-sama who was coughing uncontrollably, but there was nothing we could do here. We should call an adult right now.

「Giovanni nii-sama! Maria and Cyril-shishou are at the garden entrance. Please go and summon them!! 」

Rather than letting the 5 years old me go, Giovanni, who was 14, could summon the adults faster.
However, Giovanni nii-sama’s distrust and jealousy of having Gian nii-sama taken away from him made him stare at me.

「You expect me to leave you and Gian alone? 」

「But we are powerless to help here! 」

「Hah? You are just saying to get me to leave so you can hurt Gian right! Don’t fuck with me! Gian is my brother! I will be the one to protect him!! 」

While both of us continued to argue, Gian nii-sama’s breathing became ragged and his face became pale.

I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 6

Chapter 6 

TL by: Rotmagier
Edited by: pnemnn

「Raymond-sama? Where are you? 」

I could hear Maria’s voice from behind the door.

Unable to control my laughter, I quickly stifled my laugh by placing a hand across my mouth.

「Raymond-sama? Are you over here? 」

Maria said as she opened the wrong door.

「Mouu! Raymond-sama?! 」

Realising I wasn’t there, Maria shut the door. She then passed by my hiding place so I jumped out from behind her.


「Kyaa! Mou! Mouu! Raymond-sama! 」

One wouldn’t think that she was over 20 years old with the way she reacted. She was so surprised that her heartbeat increased dramatically as she pressed her hands against her chest while puffing out her cheeks with an expression of anger on her face.

「Fufu! I’m sorry! 」

「Mou! You’re playing too many pranks you know! Now then, you are going to play with Giancarlos-sama today right? Shouldn’t we get ready soon? 」

「Okay, Maria. 」

It has been five years since I first met Gian nii-sama.

I continued to interact with him but as for my other brothers, I haven’t conversed with them much. 

Of course I had met them during my birthday and other private dinner parties; but during the time I still couldn’t speak fluently, there was no one willing to be my conversation partner; and when I could finally converse normally, my mother was always by my side constantly pushing me to be the Crown Prince. Hence, I was completely treated as a nuisance.

As for one thing I learnt during these last five years, I was apparently the Seventh Prince of the royal family.

That’s right, the Seventh Prince.

When I first learnt of this, the first thing I thought of was, ‘I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do?’ That was it.

My mother had been telling me almost every day to become the Crown Prince.

Of course, I replied with ‘Yes Mother’, but I haven’t had any intention of becoming one.

Hmm? Speaking of which, I can’t remember any conversation apart from this topic with my mother…

Also, while I did know the names of my brothers, I had only shared a few minutes of conversation with them. So apart from Gian nii-sama, I couldn’t clearly place their names and piece together their faces in my head.

Starting from the oldest, they were Federico, Bertrand, Andrea, Orlando, Giovanni, and Giancarlos.

By the way, the one Gian nii-sama calls John was the fifth prince, Giovanni.

The one closest to me in age, Gian nii-sama, was 10 years old and Giovanni was 14 years old. Both of them have the same mother, Sofia-sama, Father’s third queen.

While I didn’t know the exact ages of my other brothers, it seems that Federico and the fourth Prince, Orlando, were the children of Karina-sama, the first Queen. Bertrand and Andrea, on the other hand, were born to the second Queen, Anastasia-sama.

I also didn’t know of their exact appearances.

I’m sure we’ve all met at parties but rather than conversing with them, my mother would only try to introduce me to some old nobles instead. Hence, the reason why our brotherly ties were so weak.

Well, though I’ll probably meet Giovanni nii-sama since he’s on good terms with Gian nii-sama.

Up until now, I have been forbidden from going out because I was too young. Even when I played with Gian nii-sama, it was either in my room or in the eastern Garden.

The eastern garden, which resembled a Japanese garden, was beautiful, but I prefered the southern garden which seemed to recreate the fantasy world rather than the familiar Japanese ambiance.

Finally, that feeling of wanting to go but not being able to do so ends today.

Maria has given me permission to go outside, and today, Jean-san will have a tea party in the southern garden, which would double as my birthday party.

As a result, I changed into formal clothes, the ones that were suitable for a tea party, and headed to the southern garden with Maria and Cyril-shishou as escorts.

「Cyril-shishou! I’m counting on you! 」

「Yes, I’ve received your request. I’ll be in your care, Your Highness Raymond. 」

As expected of Cyril-shishou. The man who was willing to bend the knee and pay homage to me, who was still five years old, is such a gentleman.

「Ray! I’ve been waiting! 」

As we approached the southern garden, Gian nii-sama, who seemed to have been waiting for us, came running as soon as he noticed us.

「Gian nii-sama! 」

「Ray! *squeeze*」

「Gian nii-sama! *squeeze* 」

I returned Gian nii-sama’s hug.

Maria and Cyril-shishou smiled at our childish antics.

However, recently there has been something that keeps dampening the mood, especially during these times.

「Cough! Cough! 」

「Gian nii-sama? Are you okay…? 」

「Ahem. Y..yeah. I am okay, thank you Ray. 」

When I first met Gian nii-sama, he mentioned that he had a weak body and it seems that because of that, he’s been coughing more often.

Whenever this happened, Gian nii-sama would be unable to stop coughing and would crouch down on the ground, spluttering uncontrollably.

「Your Highness, Giancarlos. Please have this. 」

「Thank you….. 」

Cyril-shishou immediately poured a glass of water and Gian nii-sama sipped it.

I felt very bitter that I couldn’t do anything but only pat Gian nii-sama’s back.

If only I were a doctor in my previous life. I could have healed my brother’s chronic illness.

However, Gian nii-sama said that it wasn’t an illness, but simply a weak constitution.

It seems that when those of Demi-human races in the United Kingdom of Notos have children with humans, the children will generally have some problems.

If one could find the cause for that, they would make a name for themselves in the history of the world.

But no matter how hard it would be, I’ll find a way to cure Gian nii-sama.

「That reminds me, Ray. I drew another picture, do you want to see? 」

Gian nii-sama, who had finally stopped coughing, asked me.

Since Gian nii-sama could not easily go outside due to poor health, he turned to painting.

The ones he showed me previously were of his older brother Giovanni nii-sama and his mother Sofia-sama.

Other paintings included landscapes of the southern garden and pictures of the dragons that Cyril-shishou mentioned.

All of them were wonderful paintings that had a gentle touch to them.

「Of course, Gian nii-sama. 」

When I said that, Gian nii-sama smiled happily and took my hand and led me to the garden.

My first reunion in 5 years will be exceptionally moving. The memory of the beautiful southern garden which I haven’t seen in a long time still remained in my mind.

「Maria and Nyarucos can leave us here. From here onwards, it will be a secret between Ray and me. 」

「Understood. There is protective magic applied in the southern garden so we will be waiting for you here. 」

「If there is anything you need, please summon us. 」

Leaving behind Maria and Cyril-shishou who were waving at us with a smile on their faces, we walked into the garden.

I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 5

Chapter 5

「Is it Ray’s first time in this garden? 」

Gian nii-sama asked me with that cute face of his so I immediately nodded.


「I see! In that case I will guide you around! 」

Leave it to me! Said Gian nii-sama while puffing out his chest, seeing that Cyril-shishou, Maria and I could not help but break out in a smile.

「Your Highness Giancarlos. Should I carry you too? As His Highness Raymond is still a baby, Maria-dono is still carrying him but if Your Highness wishes to speak to him it would be better for Your Highness to be nearer to him right? 」

Being able to casually suggest such a thing, as expected from Cyril-shishou, what a cool cat.

「Nyaaruucos! Please do so! 」

It seems it is hard for Gian nii-sama to pronounce Nyarucos’s name properly. (Children often cannot pronounce certain Japanese sounds due to their short tongues)
Saying it as Nyaaruucos, that is so cute!
Stretching his outstretched hands towards Cyril-shishou, he politely thanked him.

「Of course, Your Highness Giancarlos. 」

Cyril-shishou is really such a cool cat.

「Ermm the glowing ones are called Ryuugyoku and the trees over there are called Ruiroujyu you know! 」

Gian nii-sama is pointing towards them and desperately trying to explain but since the explanation is that of a child, I could not relate it to proper nouns inside my head.
However, Gian nii-sama is trying so hard to explain with his gestures so I listened to his explanation without interrupting.

「Because the tips of the ferns looks like a dragon grasping on to a jewel, that’s why we call it Ryuugyoku (Dragon Jewel) and also because the water flowing from the trees resemble a dragon so we call it Ruiroujyu (Crying Dragon Tree). 」

Because Cyril-shishou gave a supplementary explanation I was finally able to convert the words to nouns in my head and finally understood what it means.

「In the Notos language, the Ryuugyoku (Dragon Jewel) are called Pōsugyuros and the Ruiroujyu (Crying Dragon Tree) are called Hyūruron. 」

Maria followed up with another supplementary explanation adding to my knowledge of the common sense of this world making it even easier to understand.

「My mother is an Elf and it seems that in the Southern Country it is even more beautiful than this garden! Will Ray go there with me someday? 」

I couldn’t hide my surprise that Gian nii-sama’s mother is an Elf but somehow I am convinced.
I see that is why he has such a beautiful face.
Somehow, I really want to meet an Elf which is also a staple of fantasy stories.
I definitely want to meet with Gian nii-sama’s mother.

Taking another look around this garden again.
The water that flows down from the Ruiroujyu (Crying Dragon Trees) meander towards the ground hitting the rocks, breaks and dances around.
I wonder what is the principle behind it? The stream formed by the continuous flow of water is transparent, and the scales of the fish swimming there reflect the sunlight.
When a small bird flies and settles on the Ryuugyoku (Dragon Jewels), the stem bends, the basket sways, and a light powder like butterfly scales flutters around from the glowing ball inside.
The sparkling powder of light falls onto the petals of the Crystal Flowers that bloom on the ground, melting away like snow.
If there is a beautiful woman resembling Gian nii-sama in this garden it would surely be incredibly beautiful.

Even if it is once in a lifetime, I really want to meet you.
I want you to be playing a harp!

「Ah! Nyaaruucos! Let me down! 」

While I was thinking that, Gian nii-sama suddenly raised his voice as he thought of something.

「As you will.」

As Cyril-shishou let Gian nii-sama down on the ground, he went and broke off one of the Crystal Flowers that I had been interested in and took it in hand.

「Nyaaruucos! 」

「Yes, Your Highness!」

Gian nii-sama who was once again carried by Cyril-shishou handed me a flower made of pink crystals.

「The Red Antaros flowers means (in the flower language) “I will always love you”! I will give this to you Ray! 」

Antaros, that seems to be the name of this flower. While saying that he gently placed the flower behind my ear.
This flower which seems to be pink apparently can be considered as red.
Because of its transparency the colours may appear lighter than usual.

「Antaros flowers are also called Crystal Flowers in this country. The growing process of these Antaros flowers is very beautiful so when Raymond-sama is older let us grow some in the room. 」

I am looking forward to that.
It is such a beautiful flower. It will grow fantastically.

「When that time comes I will give you the seeds for the flowers. 」

「Auu! 」

「Ahh! That’s not fair Nyaaruucos! I will also give something to Ray! 」

「Abuu! 」

I am happy to be able to receive something from Cyril-shishou but I am also happy to be receiving presents from Gian nii-sama.
It is just a spoken promise to receive presents in the future but seeing that I was a baby and had trouble controlling my emotions I could feel a wave of happiness coming over me.
Auuauu! I felt so happy that I unconsciously began to sing.
This is out of my control.

In response to my cheerful reply, Jean-san holds my cheek between his hands and speaks to me in a particularly gentle voice.

「You know Ray. I don’t have a strong body like John, but as your Onii-sama I will protect you. 」

Gian nii-sama said that with a smile on his face.
There was a slight trace of loneliness in that expression. When I grow up, I will be the one to protect Gian nii-sama instead.

I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Maybe he found my answer interesting, Cyril-san stood up while smiling to himself. And thus, my castle tour began again.

「That reminds me, Maria-dono. Whereabouts are we headed to now? 」

「Ah, I’m thinking of visiting the garden near Sophia-sama’s room. From the garden in front of Maya-sama’s room you can only see the eastern side but from the garden near Sofia-sama’s room even if you cannot see the shadow of the United Kingdom of Notos, you can get a feel of the atmosphere of how the country is like right? 」

「That’s true. Because of the distance from the Centro Kingdom, you can’t see the shadow of the Senbonki (Thousand Years Tree) of the United Kingdom of Notos but the atmosphere over there kind of reminds me of my homeland…… 」

「Yes. You can only see an Ost Empire-styled garden from Maya-sama’s room. Maya-sama says that Raymond-sama should become the Crown Prince but personally I would like for him to have the freedom to choose for himself. That is why apart from just the countries of Middle Earth, I would like for him to know about the other East, West, North and Southern countries as well as the races living in them. 」

「You speak as if you are his mother. I also agree with that opinion. After all the current Crown Prince is His Highness Federico, it would be unwise to spoil a budding flower with needless conflict…… Even if His Highness Raymond manages to become the Crown Prince, it would be hard to placate the other princes. 」

Apparently, they are talking about my brothers.
Crown Prince, it is probably the brother that Mother is always telling me not to lose to.
But there is no need to worry, Cyril-shishou. I have no intention in participating in something as troublesome as fighting for the Crown Prince spot.

Also, “Princes”? How many brothers do I even have?

「Look Raymond-sama! This is the southern garden! 」

While saying that, I was brought to a garden that appeared to be out of a fairy tale.
At the end of a stem of the gigantic ferns, there is a meshed spherical basket in which a glowing ball floats.
Everywhere inside the garden I could see water flowing down from the trees.
The light from the glowing ball at the end of the ferns reflects off the water flowing down from the trees.
And on the ground which was illuminated by the glowing balls and the sun, there were flowers made of glittering and colourful gems in full bloom.

「Fuoaooooo!!! 」

I unconsciously raised my voice at the sight of such a beautiful scene.
It was completely different from the garden I could see from the room.
Until now, the garden that you could see from the room was a rugged garden with exquisitely arranged greenery and stones, and there is a sense of being similar to a Japanese garden, but this garden is something out of a fantasy.
My little hands desperately tried to reach out and ended up flailing around.
Uuooo!! Let me touch it!! I have never cursed my small limbs harder than at this time.

「Abubu! Auu! Nnnma! 」

「Wait, Raymond-sama!? It’s dangerous!! 」

「Your Highness!? 」

Maria desperately clutched me to her chest startled by the first violent motion I had made since I was born.
Cyril-shishou, who I met for the first time in my life who was also flustered by my motions also quickly supported Maria, holding my body close with his arms in a hurry.
Are you two on good terms? Eh, what? Are you getting married?
If these two are getting married, I will definitely do my best to support them.

「Who is that? 」

As I was thinking that, I heard the voice of a young child.

「Abu? 」

「Gi..Giancarlos-sama! I am sorry, were we too noisy? 」

Maria-san and Cyril-shishou knelt down on the ground as they spoke to the child.

「No, don’t worry about it. Hmm? A baby? 」

As Maria was kneeling on the ground, the child could see me, and he peeked at me with a look of curiosity on his face.
The child had soft gold hair that waved gently and eyes framed by bushy eyelashes that had a slightly bluish peridot colour.
I would have mistakenly thought of him as a girl if he had been wearing a skirt instead of pants, but I can guess from clothes and name that he is definitely a boy.


Who? While wondering that I tilted my head and said that, and the child stared at me with his eyes shining brightly.

「Wow! So Cute! 」

With a smile, he reaches out his hand towards me.

「It’s so squishy! 」

He said that while poking my cheeks with a smile on his face, I could only find him cute.

「Your baby? 」

「N…No. It is Maya-sama’s child, Raymond-sama. He is Giancarlos-sama’s brother. 」

「Brother! He is my brother!? 」

Reacting violently towards the word “Brother”, he looked at me with his eyes shining even more brightly.
But to think that this child is my brother.
Isn’t my brother’s face too good?
Then it might be possible that I could have a handsome face too.

「Yes, that is right. 」

「Wow! Then what John said was a lie! Even I have a brother! 」

John, I have no idea who that is? Maybe another one of my brothers?

「Errm! I am Giancarlos! I am your Onii-sama you know! 」

Patting his hands on the knees of Maria who was still kneeling on the ground while telling me that he is my older brother. This child is so cute!
While I am not a Shotacon by any means, he is so cute that he could awaken my inner Shotacon.

「That’s right! I will only allow Ray to call me Gian! Normally John is the only person who can call me that, but Ray is special! 」

Again, he is so cute!
John is probably also one of my brothers.
I was not looking forward to meeting my brothers partially due to my mother, but I am looking forward to meeting them once again.

Starting from today I will become a brocon.

I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I have always felt like the decorations and furniture in my original room resembled the style of medieval Europe but now that I stepped out into the hallway, the feeling intensified further.
It was not only the furniture but there were also knights clad in metal armour walking around, which sparked my interest.
The very first thing I saw was two soldiers in armour standing in front of the room, but one of them had a cat-like tail growing from behind his hind.

「Oh? Maria-dono, are you here with His Highness Raymond? 」

「Ara, Cyril-sama. Thank you for your hard work. Yes, I was thinking it was about time to show Raymond-sama the outside world. 」

「Is that so? That is good. If it is alright then let me, Cyril Nyarucos accompany you. 」

「Well! We would be safe if Cyril-sama is accompanying us. Please do so. 」

Apparently, the man with the cat-like tail is called Cyril.
Because he is wearing a helmet, the so-called western-style plate armour, I couldn’t see the face but his voice was lower than I had imagined.
He has a handsome baritone voice.

「In that case please wait for a minute. I will quickly find a person to replace me. 」

Saying that, Cyril placed his hand against the side of his ear.

「………………Aaa. It’s Cyril Nyarucos. Maria-dono wishes to take His Highness Raymond around the castle so I will accompany them. Please send a replacement soldier to guard Maya-sama’s room…………… Thank you. Okay it’s fine now, in about a minute a replacement will come. Well then, Maria-dono, whereabouts are we headed? 」

It seems he was able to contact somebody just like that.
What does that mean? Is it magic? That is amazing!

「Audaa~! Abuu? 」

Gently pulling on Maria’s hair, after making sure her line of sight is directed at me, I tilted my head to the side.

「Raymond-sama? What’s the matter? 」


I want to know what just happened, so I pointed my fingers at Cyril-san, after which I clasped my ear and tilted my head again.
It would be an unnatural action for a baby to take and maybe Maria took it as a meaningless move that babies might do but regardless, she went on to teach me.

「Ahh, are you curious about Magical Communication(Maden)? 」


It seems like the mysterious conversation just now was due to Magical Communication(Maden).

「Oh, has His Highness Raymond never seen a Maden before? 」


When I responded energetically to Cyril-san’s words, he took off the helmet covering his face.

His face is a cat. It’s is unmistakably a cat.
His fur was grey like a Russian Blue cat, and he had blue eyes.
His ears were cramped inside the helmet and they ended up slightly bent, but when Cyril-san adjusted back to normal with his hands they stood straight up pointing towards the celling.
From his ear dangled a pierced earring with a beautiful green stone hanging in a silver chain.

「This is the Maden, your highness. It is possible to have a conversation with a specific opponent by embedding a special technique into a magic stone and letting magic power pass through it. 」

Saying that he bent over his waist, bringing his head closer for me to take a look at the Maden.

「The magic stone that is embedded with this technique to enable conversation using magical power is called a magic transmitter, commonly known as Maden. 」

Looking at it up close, I can see many glittering lines in the green stone.
What an amazing technique!
Magic is really amazing! I can feel my tension rising!
I touched the magic stone gently so as to not accidentally hurt Cyril-san and the Maden began to sway from the impact.
Noticing that, Cyril-san gently smiled as he moved away from me.

「Well well……… His Highness Raymond seems to be very smart. I thought that a young child would pull on it. 」

「Yes! Raymond-sama is very intelligent. He responds as if he is able to understand our conversations. 」

「Well well……… that is amazing. 」

While conversing like this, it seems that Cyril-san’s replacement came and finally the first castle tour in my life began!

「That reminds me. Raymond-sama, Cyril-sama also comes from the United Kingdom of Notos. 」

Is that so…

「Oh? Is His Highness Raymond interested in the United Kingdom of Notos? 」


That’s right. I have never seen a beast-person before. Dragonoids? Lizardman? I am interested in the Yurinzoku!

「That’s right. He was very happy when I talked about the Dragons in Maya-sama’s homeland, the Ost Empire, and when I mentioned about the Yurinzoku he showed a lot of interest. 」

That right.
Demi-humans are a staple of fantasy stories, aren’t they?

「Is that so? Then let me introduce myself once again. 」

Saying that, Cyril-san lightly stepped around to the front of Maria who was carrying me and knelt on the ground.

「Your Highness. I am Cyril Nyarucos, a beastman from the village of Haineko (Grey Cats) in the United Kingdom of Notos. I have been training in the ways of the sword from young and I am honoured to be serving as a member of the Knights as a Royal Swordsmanship Mentor here. I would be glad to instruct Your Highness when you grow older so please take care of me then. 」

After saying that, Cyril took my hand, which was still held by Maria, and kissed it.
If it was anybody other than Cyril-san I would be irritated by this but when it comes to this handsome cat, even a man like me would be won over.
Why does this feel so different?
My heart is very likely to be pierced by the beautiful blue eyes gazing up at me.
Let me call him master. He is a master in my heart. Let’s aim to be a gentleman just like Cyril-san!


「…………Does that mean you understood? 」


That’s right!

Maybe he found my answer interesting, Cyril-san stood up while smiling to himself. And thus, my castle tour began again.

I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 2

Chapter 2

「Raymond, you will become the next king of this nation! Do you understand? You are the son of me, the first princess of the Ost Empire, I won’t stand for it if you lose to a son of a lowly duke’s daughter! 」
My mother, Maya, has been telling me these things endlessly for the past three months.
Maya is a beautiful woman with long black hair and crisp Gray eyes.
Although she is a pretty beautiful woman, she is an adult woman who can’t help but feel like a young girl from her remarks and behaviour.
The information I managed to learn from this person was that I have a brother and that my father has other wives apart from my mother.

「Raymond. Lookie here it’s your father you know! 」


「Whatchu iz wrong? Is Raymond in a bad mood? 」

This playful man is Abramo Centro, the current king of the Centro Kingdom, here in Middle-earth. My current father.
He has bright red fiery hair, which extends from the back of his head to the middle of his back.
His eyes are as green as Peridots, and inside the depths of his eyes I can see the overflowing exuberant love.
But when he talks to me with his expression of affection, I can’t help but feel ridiculous.
Is this how the king is supposed to act? Well maybe he only acts like this to children.
My father only ever says, “My Raymond is so cute!”

In this way, my mother only says that I should be King, and my father only ever says that I am cute.
Like this, there is no way for me to learn about the internal affairs of this world.
Then what about Maria?

「Do you understand, Raymond-sama? Maya-sama may want that for you, but I would like you to be able to decide for yourself. 」


「The world is wide and full of things you don’t know yet, Raymond-sama. Look over there. 」

Maria, the maid taking care of me, is a woman with carrot orange hair tied in a bun and has beautiful amber eyes.
She is quite a beauty and her personality is good from what I have heard.
Isn’t she perfect? I won’t let some weird guy marry her and take her away! I will protect her!
I will only allow the men I acknowledge to take her away.

Maria holds me up and carries me over to the window.
By this time, my field of vision which had been distorted had become clear.
You would think that the vision of a baby who had been born not so long ago would be worse than this but I do not know whether having memories of a previous life makes it so, or the common sense of this world, but as soon as I made a compromise with the memory of my previous life, my vision slowly became to clear up.
Maria showed me the sight of the Royal Capital through the window.

「To the east over there, there lies the Ost Empire, the homeplace of Raymond-sama’s mother, Maya-sama. Unlike the Centro Kingdom here, there are many steep mountains over there. 」

Following Maria’s words, I looked over there, but we couldn’t even see the peaks of the mountains from the plains of the Centro Kingdom.

「The mountain is home to a dragon that is said to be a messenger of the gods. In the Ost Empire, there are many dragon knights who interact with dragons and can manipulate them like their own limbs. 」

Apparently, there are dragons in this world.
When I heard that monsters exist in this world, I thought that there might be a possibility. To think that it was true!

「Aau Aau!!」

「Ara… Is Raymond-sama interested in dragons? 」


When I made a huge motion to shake my hands and raise my voice to show my interest, Maria took notice and told me about it while chuckling softly.

「Dragons are noble creatures. In their entire lifespans they only ever find one partner. Couples who are deeply in love are often called Dragon Couples because of that. 」

In other words, they are like what we call lovebirds in Japan.

In fact, some lovebirds seem to break apart after the child has left the nest, but it seems like the dragons in this world does not do that.

「The love between dragons is so affectionate that after one dies, the survivor is said to follow soon. Also, dragons are said to be the origin of the Yurinzoku, a scaled tribe which can found in the Kingdom of Notos. 」

Yurinzoku… As the name implies it seems to be a scaled race.
Does that mean it is a Dragonoid? Lizardman? Do those guys exist too!?
Hearing Maria’s words I felt my tension rising up.

「Dau! Babubabu! 」

「Ara.. are you interested in the scaled tribe this time? 」

「Aaauuu!! 」

「I see, then let us talk about the United Kingdom of Notos. 」

Saying that Maria left the room while holding on to me.

It may have been three months since I was born but I am leaving the room for the first time in my life.
My mother has duties to perform as the wife of the King, so she sometimes leaves the room.
It may be obvious but as the head of the nation, the times where my father comes to visit the room is rare.
And Maria didn’t want to take me, because of how small I was, outside of that room, which is many times bigger than the rooms I knew in my previous life, but due to the fact that I know how big the world is it seemed really small in comparison.
But today that is finally over!
Today is the day I debut myself to the outside world!
When Maria who was in a good mood took me outside of the room, there I found another world!

I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sometimes, but quite rarely, there exists cases of people who possess memories of their past life.
For example, you may recognize a city you have never been to before, know how to operate an airplane you have never seen before or even know a nickname that only the family of a dead person would know.
And that is something that usually happens in the same world, but sometimes as if it was on a god’s whim, a soul with a memory of another world can cross the boundaries between the worlds.
And right now, a child with such a rare soul was born in a country in the middle of the continent.

At first, it started with a slight discomfort.
Ugyaa! The first thing I thought about when I was born in this world was why my vision was so distorted.
Even though I could not see anything, what I heard was the gentle voice of a woman.

「Maya-sama. It’s a healthy baby boy. 」

「Ah….! You were finally born! Quickly, let me take a look」

It was the voice of a woman who sounded like a girl
When I was picked up into the arms of the woman, I felt a sense of discomfort
Am I really so small?
Once I became aware of that, a barrage of other questions begun to flood my mind.

「Ah! The beautiful green eyes resemble Abramo! But his hair has inherited the same black colour as me, a noble of the Ost Empire. This is amazing! 」

「He has the face of a King.」

「Yes! This child will surely become a good king! 」

King? Didn’t these ladies just mention kings?
Where exactly was I born?
I? Where am I?
What are you all saying?
Why am I thinking about this when I have just been born not long ago?
Why are there so many unexplained things?

I stopped crying as all the various information flowed into my head

This is as if like,

「Raymond. Your name is Raymond. You will be the next King of this Centro Kingdom, Raymond. 」

It is as if like I have been reborn.

Understanding that, I fainted as a huge amount of information flowed into my head.


Time passed quickly, and it’s been three months since I was born in this world.

Immediately after being born, the brain overheated due to the huge amount of information that flowed into my head and after losing consciousness, I worried my mother and the maids a lot. However, it has calmed down recently.
And during that time, I managed to learn a few things which I managed to remember

First, I was originally a Japanese who was living in Japan on Earth.
Although I am not sure exactly why, I seem to have died.
The reason why I know such a thing is that I had lived, or should I say had been alive.
Anyway, the last scene I remember when I was a Japanese person was a dazzling flash of light and a shock that I had never felt before. Then I only saw the red colour of blood flowing out of my body.
From what I can infer, I was probably hit by a car or something, or involved in an explosion.
It’s not good for mental health to remember any more, so I decided not to think too deeply.
Also, I will leave out the details of what kind of life I had previously.
Maybe I just don’t want to tell people about my ordinary life.

And it seems that the me who had led a perfectly ordinary life was fated to be reborn into a royal family in this world.
I was literally reborn, not a metaphor or anything.
I was at an age where I would be called uncle by children, but right now I have become a baby with plump cheeks.
When my memories returned, I was despaired for a while at the absurdity of it, but after some time passed, I had given up.
Rather should I say that instead of giving up, I managed to recognize that those are just memories.
The gap between the previous life and me was too great so I understood that I was simply a powerless child with memories of my past life.
Because of those memories, I could not really become a child nor can I fully become an adult. It was a matter of my feelings.
When I thought that I was just a child with memories of my past life, I realised that I am still me.

As a child now, the information I can get is limited but I learned that the world is very peaceful, there are five World Powers and ninety-nine smaller countries.
The five World Powers protect the order of the world.
And, surprisingly, the five countries did not keep order by confronting each other, but by cooperating with each other.
In short, there is no war.
As far as I know, there are no skirmishes or conflicts in this world.
To be more specific, it seems that no war has ever occurred since the country was established.
One of the reasons is the existence of monsters in this world.
In this world where demons, which have more power than humans, are fighting against each other, there is no time for humans to compete with each other, and now that they have finally been able to compete against each other, the cooperation system from that era continues.

The Centro Kingdom is located in the centre of the continent among the five countries.
The Eastern Country is the Ost Empire, to the west is the Okiddens Kingdom, in the south is the United Kingdom of Notos, and the north is the Sieville Kingdom.
Respectively, they are called, Middle Earth, Eastern Country, Western Country, Southern Country and Northern Country.

That’s what I learned in the last three months.
As for the people I’ve been able to meet in the last three months there is Maya, my mother, who is always with me, Maria, a maid with a side of my mother, and my father and king of this country, Abramo.
Although I have seen glimpses of other servants, they don’t come near me.
Well the reason for that may lie with my mother………
Leaving that aside, the reason why I was able to collect information so far is due to Maria-san.