I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 2

Chapter 2

「Raymond, you will become the next king of this nation! Do you understand? You are the son of me, the first princess of the Ost Empire, I won’t stand for it if you lose to a son of a lowly duke’s daughter! 」
My mother, Maya, has been telling me these things endlessly for the past three months.
Maya is a beautiful woman with long black hair and crisp Gray eyes.
Although she is a pretty beautiful woman, she is an adult woman who can’t help but feel like a young girl from her remarks and behaviour.
The information I managed to learn from this person was that I have a brother and that my father has other wives apart from my mother.

「Raymond. Lookie here it’s your father you know! 」


「Whatchu iz wrong? Is Raymond in a bad mood? 」

This playful man is Abramo Centro, the current king of the Centro Kingdom, here in Middle-earth. My current father.
He has bright red fiery hair, which extends from the back of his head to the middle of his back.
His eyes are as green as Peridots, and inside the depths of his eyes I can see the overflowing exuberant love.
But when he talks to me with his expression of affection, I can’t help but feel ridiculous.
Is this how the king is supposed to act? Well maybe he only acts like this to children.
My father only ever says, “My Raymond is so cute!”

In this way, my mother only says that I should be King, and my father only ever says that I am cute.
Like this, there is no way for me to learn about the internal affairs of this world.
Then what about Maria?

「Do you understand, Raymond-sama? Maya-sama may want that for you, but I would like you to be able to decide for yourself. 」


「The world is wide and full of things you don’t know yet, Raymond-sama. Look over there. 」

Maria, the maid taking care of me, is a woman with carrot orange hair tied in a bun and has beautiful amber eyes.
She is quite a beauty and her personality is good from what I have heard.
Isn’t she perfect? I won’t let some weird guy marry her and take her away! I will protect her!
I will only allow the men I acknowledge to take her away.

Maria holds me up and carries me over to the window.
By this time, my field of vision which had been distorted had become clear.
You would think that the vision of a baby who had been born not so long ago would be worse than this but I do not know whether having memories of a previous life makes it so, or the common sense of this world, but as soon as I made a compromise with the memory of my previous life, my vision slowly became to clear up.
Maria showed me the sight of the Royal Capital through the window.

「To the east over there, there lies the Ost Empire, the homeplace of Raymond-sama’s mother, Maya-sama. Unlike the Centro Kingdom here, there are many steep mountains over there. 」

Following Maria’s words, I looked over there, but we couldn’t even see the peaks of the mountains from the plains of the Centro Kingdom.

「The mountain is home to a dragon that is said to be a messenger of the gods. In the Ost Empire, there are many dragon knights who interact with dragons and can manipulate them like their own limbs. 」

Apparently, there are dragons in this world.
When I heard that monsters exist in this world, I thought that there might be a possibility. To think that it was true!

「Aau Aau!!」

「Ara… Is Raymond-sama interested in dragons? 」


When I made a huge motion to shake my hands and raise my voice to show my interest, Maria took notice and told me about it while chuckling softly.

「Dragons are noble creatures. In their entire lifespans they only ever find one partner. Couples who are deeply in love are often called Dragon Couples because of that. 」

In other words, they are like what we call lovebirds in Japan.

In fact, some lovebirds seem to break apart after the child has left the nest, but it seems like the dragons in this world does not do that.

「The love between dragons is so affectionate that after one dies, the survivor is said to follow soon. Also, dragons are said to be the origin of the Yurinzoku, a scaled tribe which can found in the Kingdom of Notos. 」

Yurinzoku… As the name implies it seems to be a scaled race.
Does that mean it is a Dragonoid? Lizardman? Do those guys exist too!?
Hearing Maria’s words I felt my tension rising up.

「Dau! Babubabu! 」

「Ara.. are you interested in the scaled tribe this time? 」

「Aaauuu!! 」

「I see, then let us talk about the United Kingdom of Notos. 」

Saying that Maria left the room while holding on to me.

It may have been three months since I was born but I am leaving the room for the first time in my life.
My mother has duties to perform as the wife of the King, so she sometimes leaves the room.
It may be obvious but as the head of the nation, the times where my father comes to visit the room is rare.
And Maria didn’t want to take me, because of how small I was, outside of that room, which is many times bigger than the rooms I knew in my previous life, but due to the fact that I know how big the world is it seemed really small in comparison.
But today that is finally over!
Today is the day I debut myself to the outside world!
When Maria who was in a good mood took me outside of the room, there I found another world!

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