I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I have always felt like the decorations and furniture in my original room resembled the style of medieval Europe but now that I stepped out into the hallway, the feeling intensified further.
It was not only the furniture but there were also knights clad in metal armour walking around, which sparked my interest.
The very first thing I saw was two soldiers in armour standing in front of the room, but one of them had a cat-like tail growing from behind his hind.

「Oh? Maria-dono, are you here with His Highness Raymond? 」

「Ara, Cyril-sama. Thank you for your hard work. Yes, I was thinking it was about time to show Raymond-sama the outside world. 」

「Is that so? That is good. If it is alright then let me, Cyril Nyarucos accompany you. 」

「Well! We would be safe if Cyril-sama is accompanying us. Please do so. 」

Apparently, the man with the cat-like tail is called Cyril.
Because he is wearing a helmet, the so-called western-style plate armour, I couldn’t see the face but his voice was lower than I had imagined.
He has a handsome baritone voice.

「In that case please wait for a minute. I will quickly find a person to replace me. 」

Saying that, Cyril placed his hand against the side of his ear.

「………………Aaa. It’s Cyril Nyarucos. Maria-dono wishes to take His Highness Raymond around the castle so I will accompany them. Please send a replacement soldier to guard Maya-sama’s room…………… Thank you. Okay it’s fine now, in about a minute a replacement will come. Well then, Maria-dono, whereabouts are we headed? 」

It seems he was able to contact somebody just like that.
What does that mean? Is it magic? That is amazing!

「Audaa~! Abuu? 」

Gently pulling on Maria’s hair, after making sure her line of sight is directed at me, I tilted my head to the side.

「Raymond-sama? What’s the matter? 」


I want to know what just happened, so I pointed my fingers at Cyril-san, after which I clasped my ear and tilted my head again.
It would be an unnatural action for a baby to take and maybe Maria took it as a meaningless move that babies might do but regardless, she went on to teach me.

「Ahh, are you curious about Magical Communication(Maden)? 」


It seems like the mysterious conversation just now was due to Magical Communication(Maden).

「Oh, has His Highness Raymond never seen a Maden before? 」


When I responded energetically to Cyril-san’s words, he took off the helmet covering his face.

His face is a cat. It’s is unmistakably a cat.
His fur was grey like a Russian Blue cat, and he had blue eyes.
His ears were cramped inside the helmet and they ended up slightly bent, but when Cyril-san adjusted back to normal with his hands they stood straight up pointing towards the celling.
From his ear dangled a pierced earring with a beautiful green stone hanging in a silver chain.

「This is the Maden, your highness. It is possible to have a conversation with a specific opponent by embedding a special technique into a magic stone and letting magic power pass through it. 」

Saying that he bent over his waist, bringing his head closer for me to take a look at the Maden.

「The magic stone that is embedded with this technique to enable conversation using magical power is called a magic transmitter, commonly known as Maden. 」

Looking at it up close, I can see many glittering lines in the green stone.
What an amazing technique!
Magic is really amazing! I can feel my tension rising!
I touched the magic stone gently so as to not accidentally hurt Cyril-san and the Maden began to sway from the impact.
Noticing that, Cyril-san gently smiled as he moved away from me.

「Well well……… His Highness Raymond seems to be very smart. I thought that a young child would pull on it. 」

「Yes! Raymond-sama is very intelligent. He responds as if he is able to understand our conversations. 」

「Well well……… that is amazing. 」

While conversing like this, it seems that Cyril-san’s replacement came and finally the first castle tour in my life began!

「That reminds me. Raymond-sama, Cyril-sama also comes from the United Kingdom of Notos. 」

Is that so…

「Oh? Is His Highness Raymond interested in the United Kingdom of Notos? 」


That’s right. I have never seen a beast-person before. Dragonoids? Lizardman? I am interested in the Yurinzoku!

「That’s right. He was very happy when I talked about the Dragons in Maya-sama’s homeland, the Ost Empire, and when I mentioned about the Yurinzoku he showed a lot of interest. 」

That right.
Demi-humans are a staple of fantasy stories, aren’t they?

「Is that so? Then let me introduce myself once again. 」

Saying that, Cyril-san lightly stepped around to the front of Maria who was carrying me and knelt on the ground.

「Your Highness. I am Cyril Nyarucos, a beastman from the village of Haineko (Grey Cats) in the United Kingdom of Notos. I have been training in the ways of the sword from young and I am honoured to be serving as a member of the Knights as a Royal Swordsmanship Mentor here. I would be glad to instruct Your Highness when you grow older so please take care of me then. 」

After saying that, Cyril took my hand, which was still held by Maria, and kissed it.
If it was anybody other than Cyril-san I would be irritated by this but when it comes to this handsome cat, even a man like me would be won over.
Why does this feel so different?
My heart is very likely to be pierced by the beautiful blue eyes gazing up at me.
Let me call him master. He is a master in my heart. Let’s aim to be a gentleman just like Cyril-san!


「…………Does that mean you understood? 」


That’s right!

Maybe he found my answer interesting, Cyril-san stood up while smiling to himself. And thus, my castle tour began again.

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