I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Maybe he found my answer interesting, Cyril-san stood up while smiling to himself. And thus, my castle tour began again.

「That reminds me, Maria-dono. Whereabouts are we headed to now? 」

「Ah, I’m thinking of visiting the garden near Sophia-sama’s room. From the garden in front of Maya-sama’s room you can only see the eastern side but from the garden near Sofia-sama’s room even if you cannot see the shadow of the United Kingdom of Notos, you can get a feel of the atmosphere of how the country is like right? 」

「That’s true. Because of the distance from the Centro Kingdom, you can’t see the shadow of the Senbonki (Thousand Years Tree) of the United Kingdom of Notos but the atmosphere over there kind of reminds me of my homeland…… 」

「Yes. You can only see an Ost Empire-styled garden from Maya-sama’s room. Maya-sama says that Raymond-sama should become the Crown Prince but personally I would like for him to have the freedom to choose for himself. That is why apart from just the countries of Middle Earth, I would like for him to know about the other East, West, North and Southern countries as well as the races living in them. 」

「You speak as if you are his mother. I also agree with that opinion. After all the current Crown Prince is His Highness Federico, it would be unwise to spoil a budding flower with needless conflict…… Even if His Highness Raymond manages to become the Crown Prince, it would be hard to placate the other princes. 」

Apparently, they are talking about my brothers.
Crown Prince, it is probably the brother that Mother is always telling me not to lose to.
But there is no need to worry, Cyril-shishou. I have no intention in participating in something as troublesome as fighting for the Crown Prince spot.

Also, “Princes”? How many brothers do I even have?

「Look Raymond-sama! This is the southern garden! 」

While saying that, I was brought to a garden that appeared to be out of a fairy tale.
At the end of a stem of the gigantic ferns, there is a meshed spherical basket in which a glowing ball floats.
Everywhere inside the garden I could see water flowing down from the trees.
The light from the glowing ball at the end of the ferns reflects off the water flowing down from the trees.
And on the ground which was illuminated by the glowing balls and the sun, there were flowers made of glittering and colourful gems in full bloom.

「Fuoaooooo!!! 」

I unconsciously raised my voice at the sight of such a beautiful scene.
It was completely different from the garden I could see from the room.
Until now, the garden that you could see from the room was a rugged garden with exquisitely arranged greenery and stones, and there is a sense of being similar to a Japanese garden, but this garden is something out of a fantasy.
My little hands desperately tried to reach out and ended up flailing around.
Uuooo!! Let me touch it!! I have never cursed my small limbs harder than at this time.

「Abubu! Auu! Nnnma! 」

「Wait, Raymond-sama!? It’s dangerous!! 」

「Your Highness!? 」

Maria desperately clutched me to her chest startled by the first violent motion I had made since I was born.
Cyril-shishou, who I met for the first time in my life who was also flustered by my motions also quickly supported Maria, holding my body close with his arms in a hurry.
Are you two on good terms? Eh, what? Are you getting married?
If these two are getting married, I will definitely do my best to support them.

「Who is that? 」

As I was thinking that, I heard the voice of a young child.

「Abu? 」

「Gi..Giancarlos-sama! I am sorry, were we too noisy? 」

Maria-san and Cyril-shishou knelt down on the ground as they spoke to the child.

「No, don’t worry about it. Hmm? A baby? 」

As Maria was kneeling on the ground, the child could see me, and he peeked at me with a look of curiosity on his face.
The child had soft gold hair that waved gently and eyes framed by bushy eyelashes that had a slightly bluish peridot colour.
I would have mistakenly thought of him as a girl if he had been wearing a skirt instead of pants, but I can guess from clothes and name that he is definitely a boy.


Who? While wondering that I tilted my head and said that, and the child stared at me with his eyes shining brightly.

「Wow! So Cute! 」

With a smile, he reaches out his hand towards me.

「It’s so squishy! 」

He said that while poking my cheeks with a smile on his face, I could only find him cute.

「Your baby? 」

「N…No. It is Maya-sama’s child, Raymond-sama. He is Giancarlos-sama’s brother. 」

「Brother! He is my brother!? 」

Reacting violently towards the word “Brother”, he looked at me with his eyes shining even more brightly.
But to think that this child is my brother.
Isn’t my brother’s face too good?
Then it might be possible that I could have a handsome face too.

「Yes, that is right. 」

「Wow! Then what John said was a lie! Even I have a brother! 」

John, I have no idea who that is? Maybe another one of my brothers?

「Errm! I am Giancarlos! I am your Onii-sama you know! 」

Patting his hands on the knees of Maria who was still kneeling on the ground while telling me that he is my older brother. This child is so cute!
While I am not a Shotacon by any means, he is so cute that he could awaken my inner Shotacon.

「That’s right! I will only allow Ray to call me Gian! Normally John is the only person who can call me that, but Ray is special! 」

Again, he is so cute!
John is probably also one of my brothers.
I was not looking forward to meeting my brothers partially due to my mother, but I am looking forward to meeting them once again.

Starting from today I will become a brocon.

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