I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 5

Chapter 5

「Is it Ray’s first time in this garden? 」

Gian nii-sama asked me with that cute face of his so I immediately nodded.


「I see! In that case I will guide you around! 」

Leave it to me! Said Gian nii-sama while puffing out his chest, seeing that Cyril-shishou, Maria and I could not help but break out in a smile.

「Your Highness Giancarlos. Should I carry you too? As His Highness Raymond is still a baby, Maria-dono is still carrying him but if Your Highness wishes to speak to him it would be better for Your Highness to be nearer to him right? 」

Being able to casually suggest such a thing, as expected from Cyril-shishou, what a cool cat.

「Nyaaruucos! Please do so! 」

It seems it is hard for Gian nii-sama to pronounce Nyarucos’s name properly. (Children often cannot pronounce certain Japanese sounds due to their short tongues)
Saying it as Nyaaruucos, that is so cute!
Stretching his outstretched hands towards Cyril-shishou, he politely thanked him.

「Of course, Your Highness Giancarlos. 」

Cyril-shishou is really such a cool cat.

「Ermm the glowing ones are called Ryuugyoku and the trees over there are called Ruiroujyu you know! 」

Gian nii-sama is pointing towards them and desperately trying to explain but since the explanation is that of a child, I could not relate it to proper nouns inside my head.
However, Gian nii-sama is trying so hard to explain with his gestures so I listened to his explanation without interrupting.

「Because the tips of the ferns looks like a dragon grasping on to a jewel, that’s why we call it Ryuugyoku (Dragon Jewel) and also because the water flowing from the trees resemble a dragon so we call it Ruiroujyu (Crying Dragon Tree). 」

Because Cyril-shishou gave a supplementary explanation I was finally able to convert the words to nouns in my head and finally understood what it means.

「In the Notos language, the Ryuugyoku (Dragon Jewel) are called Pōsugyuros and the Ruiroujyu (Crying Dragon Tree) are called Hyūruron. 」

Maria followed up with another supplementary explanation adding to my knowledge of the common sense of this world making it even easier to understand.

「My mother is an Elf and it seems that in the Southern Country it is even more beautiful than this garden! Will Ray go there with me someday? 」

I couldn’t hide my surprise that Gian nii-sama’s mother is an Elf but somehow I am convinced.
I see that is why he has such a beautiful face.
Somehow, I really want to meet an Elf which is also a staple of fantasy stories.
I definitely want to meet with Gian nii-sama’s mother.

Taking another look around this garden again.
The water that flows down from the Ruiroujyu (Crying Dragon Trees) meander towards the ground hitting the rocks, breaks and dances around.
I wonder what is the principle behind it? The stream formed by the continuous flow of water is transparent, and the scales of the fish swimming there reflect the sunlight.
When a small bird flies and settles on the Ryuugyoku (Dragon Jewels), the stem bends, the basket sways, and a light powder like butterfly scales flutters around from the glowing ball inside.
The sparkling powder of light falls onto the petals of the Crystal Flowers that bloom on the ground, melting away like snow.
If there is a beautiful woman resembling Gian nii-sama in this garden it would surely be incredibly beautiful.

Even if it is once in a lifetime, I really want to meet you.
I want you to be playing a harp!

「Ah! Nyaaruucos! Let me down! 」

While I was thinking that, Gian nii-sama suddenly raised his voice as he thought of something.

「As you will.」

As Cyril-shishou let Gian nii-sama down on the ground, he went and broke off one of the Crystal Flowers that I had been interested in and took it in hand.

「Nyaaruucos! 」

「Yes, Your Highness!」

Gian nii-sama who was once again carried by Cyril-shishou handed me a flower made of pink crystals.

「The Red Antaros flowers means (in the flower language) “I will always love you”! I will give this to you Ray! 」

Antaros, that seems to be the name of this flower. While saying that he gently placed the flower behind my ear.
This flower which seems to be pink apparently can be considered as red.
Because of its transparency the colours may appear lighter than usual.

「Antaros flowers are also called Crystal Flowers in this country. The growing process of these Antaros flowers is very beautiful so when Raymond-sama is older let us grow some in the room. 」

I am looking forward to that.
It is such a beautiful flower. It will grow fantastically.

「When that time comes I will give you the seeds for the flowers. 」

「Auu! 」

「Ahh! That’s not fair Nyaaruucos! I will also give something to Ray! 」

「Abuu! 」

I am happy to be able to receive something from Cyril-shishou but I am also happy to be receiving presents from Gian nii-sama.
It is just a spoken promise to receive presents in the future but seeing that I was a baby and had trouble controlling my emotions I could feel a wave of happiness coming over me.
Auuauu! I felt so happy that I unconsciously began to sing.
This is out of my control.

In response to my cheerful reply, Jean-san holds my cheek between his hands and speaks to me in a particularly gentle voice.

「You know Ray. I don’t have a strong body like John, but as your Onii-sama I will protect you. 」

Gian nii-sama said that with a smile on his face.
There was a slight trace of loneliness in that expression. When I grow up, I will be the one to protect Gian nii-sama instead.

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