I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 6

Chapter 6 

TL by: Rotmagier
Edited by: pnemnn

「Raymond-sama? Where are you? 」

I could hear Maria’s voice from behind the door.

Unable to control my laughter, I quickly stifled my laugh by placing a hand across my mouth.

「Raymond-sama? Are you over here? 」

Maria said as she opened the wrong door.

「Mouu! Raymond-sama?! 」

Realising I wasn’t there, Maria shut the door. She then passed by my hiding place so I jumped out from behind her.


「Kyaa! Mou! Mouu! Raymond-sama! 」

One wouldn’t think that she was over 20 years old with the way she reacted. She was so surprised that her heartbeat increased dramatically as she pressed her hands against her chest while puffing out her cheeks with an expression of anger on her face.

「Fufu! I’m sorry! 」

「Mou! You’re playing too many pranks you know! Now then, you are going to play with Giancarlos-sama today right? Shouldn’t we get ready soon? 」

「Okay, Maria. 」

It has been five years since I first met Gian nii-sama.

I continued to interact with him but as for my other brothers, I haven’t conversed with them much. 

Of course I had met them during my birthday and other private dinner parties; but during the time I still couldn’t speak fluently, there was no one willing to be my conversation partner; and when I could finally converse normally, my mother was always by my side constantly pushing me to be the Crown Prince. Hence, I was completely treated as a nuisance.

As for one thing I learnt during these last five years, I was apparently the Seventh Prince of the royal family.

That’s right, the Seventh Prince.

When I first learnt of this, the first thing I thought of was, ‘I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do?’ That was it.

My mother had been telling me almost every day to become the Crown Prince.

Of course, I replied with ‘Yes Mother’, but I haven’t had any intention of becoming one.

Hmm? Speaking of which, I can’t remember any conversation apart from this topic with my mother…

Also, while I did know the names of my brothers, I had only shared a few minutes of conversation with them. So apart from Gian nii-sama, I couldn’t clearly place their names and piece together their faces in my head.

Starting from the oldest, they were Federico, Bertrand, Andrea, Orlando, Giovanni, and Giancarlos.

By the way, the one Gian nii-sama calls John was the fifth prince, Giovanni.

The one closest to me in age, Gian nii-sama, was 10 years old and Giovanni was 14 years old. Both of them have the same mother, Sofia-sama, Father’s third queen.

While I didn’t know the exact ages of my other brothers, it seems that Federico and the fourth Prince, Orlando, were the children of Karina-sama, the first Queen. Bertrand and Andrea, on the other hand, were born to the second Queen, Anastasia-sama.

I also didn’t know of their exact appearances.

I’m sure we’ve all met at parties but rather than conversing with them, my mother would only try to introduce me to some old nobles instead. Hence, the reason why our brotherly ties were so weak.

Well, though I’ll probably meet Giovanni nii-sama since he’s on good terms with Gian nii-sama.

Up until now, I have been forbidden from going out because I was too young. Even when I played with Gian nii-sama, it was either in my room or in the eastern Garden.

The eastern garden, which resembled a Japanese garden, was beautiful, but I prefered the southern garden which seemed to recreate the fantasy world rather than the familiar Japanese ambiance.

Finally, that feeling of wanting to go but not being able to do so ends today.

Maria has given me permission to go outside, and today, Jean-san will have a tea party in the southern garden, which would double as my birthday party.

As a result, I changed into formal clothes, the ones that were suitable for a tea party, and headed to the southern garden with Maria and Cyril-shishou as escorts.

「Cyril-shishou! I’m counting on you! 」

「Yes, I’ve received your request. I’ll be in your care, Your Highness Raymond. 」

As expected of Cyril-shishou. The man who was willing to bend the knee and pay homage to me, who was still five years old, is such a gentleman.

「Ray! I’ve been waiting! 」

As we approached the southern garden, Gian nii-sama, who seemed to have been waiting for us, came running as soon as he noticed us.

「Gian nii-sama! 」

「Ray! *squeeze*」

「Gian nii-sama! *squeeze* 」

I returned Gian nii-sama’s hug.

Maria and Cyril-shishou smiled at our childish antics.

However, recently there has been something that keeps dampening the mood, especially during these times.

「Cough! Cough! 」

「Gian nii-sama? Are you okay…? 」

「Ahem. Y..yeah. I am okay, thank you Ray. 」

When I first met Gian nii-sama, he mentioned that he had a weak body and it seems that because of that, he’s been coughing more often.

Whenever this happened, Gian nii-sama would be unable to stop coughing and would crouch down on the ground, spluttering uncontrollably.

「Your Highness, Giancarlos. Please have this. 」

「Thank you….. 」

Cyril-shishou immediately poured a glass of water and Gian nii-sama sipped it.

I felt very bitter that I couldn’t do anything but only pat Gian nii-sama’s back.

If only I were a doctor in my previous life. I could have healed my brother’s chronic illness.

However, Gian nii-sama said that it wasn’t an illness, but simply a weak constitution.

It seems that when those of Demi-human races in the United Kingdom of Notos have children with humans, the children will generally have some problems.

If one could find the cause for that, they would make a name for themselves in the history of the world.

But no matter how hard it would be, I’ll find a way to cure Gian nii-sama.

「That reminds me, Ray. I drew another picture, do you want to see? 」

Gian nii-sama, who had finally stopped coughing, asked me.

Since Gian nii-sama could not easily go outside due to poor health, he turned to painting.

The ones he showed me previously were of his older brother Giovanni nii-sama and his mother Sofia-sama.

Other paintings included landscapes of the southern garden and pictures of the dragons that Cyril-shishou mentioned.

All of them were wonderful paintings that had a gentle touch to them.

「Of course, Gian nii-sama. 」

When I said that, Gian nii-sama smiled happily and took my hand and led me to the garden.

My first reunion in 5 years will be exceptionally moving. The memory of the beautiful southern garden which I haven’t seen in a long time still remained in my mind.

「Maria and Nyarucos can leave us here. From here onwards, it will be a secret between Ray and me. 」

「Understood. There is protective magic applied in the southern garden so we will be waiting for you here. 」

「If there is anything you need, please summon us. 」

Leaving behind Maria and Cyril-shishou who were waving at us with a smile on their faces, we walked into the garden.

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