I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 8

Chapter 8

TL: Rotmagier
Edited by: pnemnn

「Don’t fuck around!!!!! 」

I unintentionally screamed out loud.

「If you’re not going to summon them, then I will!! You should just stay here looking at Gian nii-sama uselessly, unable to do anything!! 」

Me? planning to hurt Gian nii-sama?

Like I would do something like that! He didn’t even know how well Gian nii-sama and I usually got along! It was extremely frustrating that I was denied my love for Gian nii-sama just because I was my mother’s child.

But reality was pressing. I realized that it took too much time for this young body to call on Maria and Cyril-shishou who were at the entrance of the garden.

There was also the distance to consider, my voice would surely be unable to reach them amongst the trees and cries of the birds.

Then what should I do?

I racked my brains desperately, trying to think of a solution.

In any case, once Cyril-shishou figures out something was wrong, he would definitely come running.

Fireworks was the very first thing that came to mind when I thought of something conspicuous.

It would create a loud noise and release flowers made of fire in the sky.

I learnt about the existence of magic when Cyril-shishou taught me about the Maden.

I was interested in magic, so I pestered him about it and he finally taught me about its principles.

Fortunately, I had a talent for magic so I could easily use it.

I just have to warm and cool “that” so it should be simple enough.

Could I use that?

No… I have no choice but to do it for Gian nii-sama.

I visualized the image in my head and materialized it.

The figure was made of a transparent sphere.

I picked up some crystal flowers and stuffed them in. I then filled the sphere with water that was harnessed from the air’s moisture. 

I materialized another sphere and placed the water and crystal flowers inside it.

In order to make it stand out, I threw it into the air.

Of course, with a child’s strength I could only throw it a few meters high at best.

That was why I applied weakening magic. It was mainly used to lower an opponent’s strength and defence, but I compromised and changed the level of gravity to affect the sphere’s momentum.

「There we go!」

It worked better than I expected, and the sphere shot steadily into the air.

At the same time, the temperature of the exterior of the magical sphere rose quickly.

When the sphere rose high enough in the sky to a position where it could be seen from anywhere, the sphere filled with water would disappear.


Then, the magical sphere exploded with a huge bang and the crystal flowers inside shattered in the air.

The shards which have become practically powder fluttered around, shining in the sunlight.

This was what we called a steam explosion.

When water touches an object heated to a high temperature and the water suddenly becomes steam, the pressure would rise rapidly and an explosion would occur.

Giovanni and Gian nii-sama looked up at the sky with wide round eyes at the sound of the explosion.

I then once again harnessed the water in the air and created a makeshift umbrella with my mind to protect my brothers in the instance that the crystal fragments would land on and hurt them.

「Your Highness, Raymond!! Your Highness, Giancarlos!!!! 」

Within a few moments, Cyril-shishou appeared like a ninja and ran through the woods to our side.

「Cyril-shishou, Gian nii-sama is urf… 」

Cyril-shishou, who came running, used his momentum to tackle into me, shielding Gian nii-sama and Giovanni nii-sama behind his back. 

「Arg! How careless of me, I couldn’t even recognize that a skilled user snuck into the garden! 」

「Cy..Cyril-shishou? 」

「Your Highness Raymond. Please be patient and stay in my arms. Damn! I can’t sense the presence of the enemy! 」

Cyril-shishou who had his eyes wide open in vigilance was not a simple gentleman, but a wild beast who lived in the wilderness. A true warrior.

I found another charming side of Cyril-shishou.

No, no. I don’t have the time for that now.


「Ugu!? Your Highness!? 」

Whilst being held down by Cyril-shishou, I wrapped my hands around his face and pulled it down to meet mine.

Cyril-shishou was so surprised that I could even see the whites of his eyes but now I finally have his attention.

「I am responsible for that explosion!! Rather than that, please help Gian nii-sama! 」

「Huh, Your Highness Raymond did……!? Is that true!? 」

「Yes! But rather than that! Gian nii-sama!! 」

When I pointed my finger towards Gian nii-sama who was shielded behind Cyril-shishou, he immediately noticed Gian nii-sama’s distorted complexion and immediately contacted someone through the Maden.

「It’s Cyril Nyarucos. I am in the southern garden and I have protected His Highnesses, Giancarlos, Giovanni, and Raymond. His Highness Giancarlos is in bad condition.Immediately arrange for a doctor. Your Highness Giovanni, can you walk on your own? We should leave this place immediately. 」

「Ah, err..ah. I can walk. 」

「I can also walk! 」

「I will carry you, Your Highness Raymond. You are still too young. 」

Cyril-shishou proceeded to carry both me and Gian nii-sama, striding quickly towards the Royal Palace.

Of course, he did not forget to check on Giovanni nii-sama following behind.

I was able to discover many charming sides of my master today.

Thank you for the feast. (He was giving thanks for being able to see different rare sides of Cyril)

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