I was born as the Seventh Prince, what should I do? Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sometimes, but quite rarely, there exists cases of people who possess memories of their past life.
For example, you may recognize a city you have never been to before, know how to operate an airplane you have never seen before or even know a nickname that only the family of a dead person would know.
And that is something that usually happens in the same world, but sometimes as if it was on a god’s whim, a soul with a memory of another world can cross the boundaries between the worlds.
And right now, a child with such a rare soul was born in a country in the middle of the continent.

At first, it started with a slight discomfort.
Ugyaa! The first thing I thought about when I was born in this world was why my vision was so distorted.
Even though I could not see anything, what I heard was the gentle voice of a woman.

「Maya-sama. It’s a healthy baby boy. 」

「Ah….! You were finally born! Quickly, let me take a look」

It was the voice of a woman who sounded like a girl
When I was picked up into the arms of the woman, I felt a sense of discomfort
Am I really so small?
Once I became aware of that, a barrage of other questions begun to flood my mind.

「Ah! The beautiful green eyes resemble Abramo! But his hair has inherited the same black colour as me, a noble of the Ost Empire. This is amazing! 」

「He has the face of a King.」

「Yes! This child will surely become a good king! 」

King? Didn’t these ladies just mention kings?
Where exactly was I born?
I? Where am I?
What are you all saying?
Why am I thinking about this when I have just been born not long ago?
Why are there so many unexplained things?

I stopped crying as all the various information flowed into my head

This is as if like,

「Raymond. Your name is Raymond. You will be the next King of this Centro Kingdom, Raymond. 」

It is as if like I have been reborn.

Understanding that, I fainted as a huge amount of information flowed into my head.


Time passed quickly, and it’s been three months since I was born in this world.

Immediately after being born, the brain overheated due to the huge amount of information that flowed into my head and after losing consciousness, I worried my mother and the maids a lot. However, it has calmed down recently.
And during that time, I managed to learn a few things which I managed to remember

First, I was originally a Japanese who was living in Japan on Earth.
Although I am not sure exactly why, I seem to have died.
The reason why I know such a thing is that I had lived, or should I say had been alive.
Anyway, the last scene I remember when I was a Japanese person was a dazzling flash of light and a shock that I had never felt before. Then I only saw the red colour of blood flowing out of my body.
From what I can infer, I was probably hit by a car or something, or involved in an explosion.
It’s not good for mental health to remember any more, so I decided not to think too deeply.
Also, I will leave out the details of what kind of life I had previously.
Maybe I just don’t want to tell people about my ordinary life.

And it seems that the me who had led a perfectly ordinary life was fated to be reborn into a royal family in this world.
I was literally reborn, not a metaphor or anything.
I was at an age where I would be called uncle by children, but right now I have become a baby with plump cheeks.
When my memories returned, I was despaired for a while at the absurdity of it, but after some time passed, I had given up.
Rather should I say that instead of giving up, I managed to recognize that those are just memories.
The gap between the previous life and me was too great so I understood that I was simply a powerless child with memories of my past life.
Because of those memories, I could not really become a child nor can I fully become an adult. It was a matter of my feelings.
When I thought that I was just a child with memories of my past life, I realised that I am still me.

As a child now, the information I can get is limited but I learned that the world is very peaceful, there are five World Powers and ninety-nine smaller countries.
The five World Powers protect the order of the world.
And, surprisingly, the five countries did not keep order by confronting each other, but by cooperating with each other.
In short, there is no war.
As far as I know, there are no skirmishes or conflicts in this world.
To be more specific, it seems that no war has ever occurred since the country was established.
One of the reasons is the existence of monsters in this world.
In this world where demons, which have more power than humans, are fighting against each other, there is no time for humans to compete with each other, and now that they have finally been able to compete against each other, the cooperation system from that era continues.

The Centro Kingdom is located in the centre of the continent among the five countries.
The Eastern Country is the Ost Empire, to the west is the Okiddens Kingdom, in the south is the United Kingdom of Notos, and the north is the Sieville Kingdom.
Respectively, they are called, Middle Earth, Eastern Country, Western Country, Southern Country and Northern Country.

That’s what I learned in the last three months.
As for the people I’ve been able to meet in the last three months there is Maya, my mother, who is always with me, Maria, a maid with a side of my mother, and my father and king of this country, Abramo.
Although I have seen glimpses of other servants, they don’t come near me.
Well the reason for that may lie with my mother………
Leaving that aside, the reason why I was able to collect information so far is due to Maria-san.

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